The Recession Recovery Scheme was established in 2012 as an initiative to get out of work tradesmen back into work. Due to the current economic climate, many skilled Tradesmen have been made redundant or are unable to find work, and with an increased supply, demand is still low due to economic conditions. 


Save 28% off Tradesmen

Save 36% off Materials

Be smart, Be covered

Aim of the Campaign is as follows; 

  • To Provide Skilled Tradesmen to residents at a cost saving of approximately 28% 
  • Efficient supply chain management to get materials at a reduce rate of approx 36%, as we have direct accounts with manufacturers
  • To ensure work is still undertaken legitimately as opposed to cash in hand scenario's so work is undertaken competently and backed by insurance
  • Training Schemes have been established with many training providers, and trainees are available to assist for practical experience at no cost except there liability and medical insurance.

ABLS Ltd (founder of the campaign) 

Times are tough in business right now, and most business owners are trying to cut corners in any way possible. Scaling back on your attention to ethics, however, this can have catastrophic consequences.

No matter how tough the times are, that kind of risk is simply not worth taking. Tough times can easily make it seem worth trying to cut ethical corners if it looks like there might be some financial gain as a result. Don't do it! As the saying goes, it's never the right time to do the wrong thing. Besides, the legal, financial and public relations risks far outweigh any benefit you might imagine to be in store.

The Recession Recovery Scheme saves money for the end users not by cutting corners, but through a program that is beneficial to all parties. We understand that we are not the only company going through tough financial times, but at ABLS Ltd, we are all in it together and understand that our reputation is dependent on every individual within our organisation. Tradesmen have taken a reduction in wages compared to market rates, and are rewarded when targets are exceeded and standards are achieved. Also having a realistic schedule of day to day activity ensures that everything is monitored on a daily basis and time is not wasted.

The Tradesmen and our expectations

All Tradesmen applying for a position or who wish to acquire work through ABLS Ltd must undergo a screening process, where past work, ethics, and references must be provided. They are then monitored on a daily basis to ensure full efficiency is being achieved and all understand that there is a one strike policy. 

Verbal agreements are legally binding contacts but in todays world there is to much ambiguity and shoddy contractors waiting to do the minimum amount of work for the most pay. Which is why ABLS Ltd use a standard form of written contract provided by the FSB that makes the work undertaken a written agreement, complete with a schedule of works and a payment schedule, (explained within our Building Services Tab).

Types of work undertaken 

The Recession Recovery Scheme is primarily focused around small projects from £500 - £10k, a project larger than this amount would required a different set of proceedures for the work to be undertaken. All residential work is undertaken within the RRScheme as long as it falls within the £10k threshold. 

- Bathroom/Shower/Wet rooms/Steam and Sauna rooms

- Kitchen Refit/ Design and Installation 

- Drainage Service/ new and repairs/ Camera inspections

- Roof /new and repairs/ loft insulation/ Conversions

- Extensions/ Conservatories/ Orangeries/ Outbuildings

- Renovations

- New Build

- Landscaping

- Land Development

- Solar Panels

- Conservatories

Construction & Landscaping services Overview


The aim of ABLS is to provide a comprehensive building service to residents, reducing the need for various party involvements, providing consistency in work standards. We undertake Domestic and insurance work and provide a free consultation service so residents are clearly informed of what’s involved, and residents will usually receive their quotation within 48 hrs. Within the quotation, a schedule of works will be attached with a payment schedule which reflects the work undertaken.

The 1st class work forces delivers finishes with high standards, and are all certified members of their required legislative bodies.


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