Free Consultation service... 

 When engaging in a consultation with you, we should be aiming to discuss detailed specifications such as the proposed dimensions as well as your personal design requirements.

We would also like to inform you on the effects of Solar Gain, Natural ventilation, and minimizing of thermal and acoustic transmittance, etc, all which can be achieved if considered and implemented at the design stage through a series of Building techniques or a selection of materials. This will help maximize the properties performance, reduce energy requirements and also create a comfortable tailored environment to suit your individual requirements.

Free Planning Support..

We will act as an Agent on the clients behalf when applying for planning permission to ensure your plans are dealt with effectively by local authorities. Once the plans have been received by the local authorities, the application decision is usually made within 8 - 10 weeks, so it is important that we are informed or any alterations that need to be made asap, to ensure and guarantee the plans will meet and pass planning requirements before the decision date. The only ways planning will not be granted is if the proposal is controversial to the character of the area, or if the proposed dimensions infringe on other neighbours right to light or privacy, or if any legal restrictions apply or are attached to the land.

2D Design service...

When requesting planning permission, a detailed set of 2D drawings are required by local authorities. As part of our comprehensive service we place a considerable amount of detail it to our 2D drawings, so the building or landscaping project is able to exceed the basic requirements of regulations, maximising space, durability and performance.



3D Computer aided modelling...

We use various computer aided modelling programs to create realist 3d models that allow residents to view the proposed project internally and externally. This enables clients to view the spaces available and make decisions as to where sockets, cupboards or other types of fittings are to be placed.


When creating computer aided modelling for a building or landscaping project, there are various textures and materials available within the programs that provide clients with a realistic overview.


Planning Permission 

Planning documents required do vary from different authorities, but our comprehensive drawing package comes as standard and  details provided will satisfy all planning authorities. Our drawings are very detailed, as to set a minimum standard acceptable from ABLS. If detail is not included (and usually not required by planning authorities) then it leaves the selection of materials and building techniques to the discretion of the builder, who will undoubtedly use cheap material to save themselves additional cost. Although some residents have a smaller budget than others for better performance and longevity of the building its really is worth paying the average 4 - 7 % more for better quality materials.

Once plans are completed, it can take upto 3 months for local authorities to make a decision.  

Permitted Development

If a client wishes to create a development without planning permission, the development must fall within the guide lines of permitted development. If the dimensions exceed permitted development restrictions, then planning permission will be required from your local authorities.

These links below state the Planning application fee aswell as the application itself. Note that the application is only eligable for homeowners wishing to extend or alter a residential dwelling. 

  • For planning fees in regards to an extention, refer to section 6.
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