OutHouse, with Gym, Cinema, Suana/Steam/Shower Room

Preparation can be messy, but all in the name of progress. Durable construction methods ensure longevity, and a good design does not mean construction has to be expensive.

Outbuilding Surround, The wooden decked area provides a suitable area for decking chairs to enjoy the sun all day round. The container walls provide a floral contained feature, containing all year round plants. 

Perfect lawn, ideal family area, contains slow growing grass and requires cutting every 12 weeks at 3 inches. Small Plants will blossom for the following year. Membrane underslabs ensures no weeds on the path. Membrane is placed under all stone covered areas so the garden becomes weed free, easy maintenance.

Diminishing Steps, add depth and create another focal point. The white walls and wooden cill are clean, clear, and easy to maitain.

The Decking from the steps to conservatory door breaks up the healivly slabbed area, and has lights ellumintaing the wallway

Clear View up the garden to keep an eye on those kids.

Plants and flowers are key to a garden of this size. Containing the plants within the walls and borders of garden makes leaf picking in the colder seasons much easier as the leaves rest on the stone ground coverings. Its important to incorporate all year round plants (Ever Greens) into the garden to provide floral features all year round.

Pathway, Irregular sized slabs, Oak tree Stump placed alongside the pathway as a feature and for the kids to enjoy. Edging blocks, retain grass from overhanging on the path and clearly define the path.

Green Slate, Plum Slate, Cotswold, these ground coverings provide a warm color mood and are all self contained. Railway sleepers for a traditional feel

Using blocks to construct the walls and steps is approx 73 % cheaper than brick construction labour and materials.

The container walls sizes can be adjusted to facilitate water as well as floral features. The render hides the unattractive appearance of the blocks and provides clear definitive edges.


7 luxury appartments with no shared facilities 


Apartment regulations can be quite demanding interms of thermal and acoustic transmittance and fire safety, but our Architectural dept has much experience in these type of projects and are able to exceed the minimum requirements of regulations, without unnecessary costs.

Carpenters are very fast and are capable of constructing any element associated with residential construction. Most of our timber comes from Four Oaks Timber who are a direct manufacturer, in order to cut out paying suppliers, reducing the cost. We are able to do this through the quantity we use.

Steel work is one of our favourite aspects of a build as it allows us space. This steel we designed to take the weight of four other steels that were supported on a unattractive wall. The wall was removed an more space was created. 

Plasterers like to be pushed, and their expertise in Metal stud wall systems does not restrict our designs to linear dimensions. This type of wall was suitable for the lobby in which it was designed for.

Video of a job undertaken in Matlock. The job was situated within a conservation area,

Render is featured in many of our designs, we especially like to use it to face lift property's and also it can protect old brickwork. 


The usual reason for extending your home is to create extra family space, this could be adding new bedrooms, en-suites, bathrooms, dining rooms, utility rooms and kitchens. Whatever your project we’ll work with you from design to the completed job to make sure that you get exactly what you want, and importantly when you want it. We even fit-out your new space whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

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